The simplest way to learn English. (For beginners)

Learn to use the following five tools:

I. Online dictionary!
II. Learn to use text-audio! (copy and paste text...then click the "Say It" button.)
III. Learn to use a Language Translator
IV. Movie DVD with English speaking captions.
V. Each day read a book written in English outloud.

1. Start by learning "greeting phrases" (interjections.)

2. Then some manners. (politeness)

Thank you

3. Then some common nouns. (house items)

4. Then some verbs and their conjugations.
to open
to close

5. Then combine verbs with nouns to create some simple sentences. (Grammar)
Please open the window.
Please close the door.
(text-audio) (Copy and paste...then click on the "Say it!" button)

6. Learn how to use text-audio. Copy and paste the sentence into "Audio"

7. Purchase movie DVD's with English captions. Replay and replay.
    Watch English speaking TV shows with "captions."

8. Work on your enunciation and pronunciation.    (text-audio)

9. Find an English speaking person to assist you.

10. Practice, practice, and practice.