Farm Animals Quiz... Click the "answer button" to see the correct answer.

1.A __________ is a large four legged hoofed animal, it has short hair, a long mane and tail, and is found throughout the world.
a. giraffe
b. deer
c. horse
d. goat

2. A _________ is male chicken used for breeding.
a. turkey
b. pigeon
c. grouse
d. rooster

3. A _________ provides us with milk and beef.
a. cow
b. pig
c. horse
d. chicken

4. A male ___________ is called "Billy" and a female is called "Nanny."
a. pig
b. goat
c. grouse
d. rooster

5. From a __________ we get bacon and pork.
a. horse
b. cow
c. goat
d. pig

6. A____________ is a male cow used for breeding.
a. horse.
b. bull
c. pig
d. boar

7. A __________ is male pig used for breeding.
a. elephant
b. boar
c. horse
d. bull

8. A ____________ is a domestic bird that provides us with eggs and meat.
a. boar
b. cow
c. chicken
d. goat

9. A _____________ is a baby cow.
a. bull
b. calf
c. chicken
d. goat

10. Can you name any farm animals not mentioned on this page?

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