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The Great Bear Rainforest: Grizzly Bears

On the North Coast of western Canada is situated the Great Bear Rainforest. The size of this governmentally "unprotected" rainforest, consisting of 1,000 year old cedar trees, is approximately 3.2 million hectares (8 million acres.)
Each year the grizzlies come down from the high mountain ranges to the Nekite river to feed upon the returning spawning salmon.

A grizzly bear can weigh up to 390 kg. (800 pounds) and well feeding upon the spawning salmon can gain up to 2.7 kg. (6 pounds pounds) per day.
The bears need to fatten up before they hybernate (sleep) for the long cold winter. There are currently 40 to 50 bear coming down to the river to feed.
A mother grizzly bear can give birth up to four cubs (baby bears). The mother bear will care for her young for three years before she sends them out into the world to fend for themselves.
In Canada, five to ten people are mauled to death a year by bears. Wild bears are very dangerous and need to be avoided.

Situated on the inlet (Smith) leading into the North Nekite river is the Great Bear Lodge. The lodge itself, interestly enough, is powered by solar and wind energy.

The inlet is surrounded by towering mountains and not only can a visitor see grizzly gears, but also; black bears, wolves, otters, and bald eagles.
The lodge provides daily tours for people that come from all over the world to see the splindine scenery and wildlife.
La casetta può essere raggiunta in barca o in velivolo. E se prendete il tassì dell'acqua dall'isola de Vancouver alla casetta ci è una buona probabilità che vedrete i delfini, le guarnizioni, i walruses e le balene.


1. Is the rain forest government protected or unprotected?_____________________

2. Why do the bears come to the river each year?_____________________

3. What is a baby bear called? __________________________

4. What is the weight a grizzly can grow to?___________________________

5. How much weight can a grizzly acquire each day upon feeding on the salmon.


6. Water taxi is one way of reaching the lodge. What is the other?


7. Name the bird mentioned in the above article?__________________________

8. How old is a cub before the Mother bear sends him or her out into the world.


9. Wind power is one source of power for the lodge. What is the other?


10. What is the name of the 1,000 year old trees mentioned in the above article?


11. What is it called when a bear sleeps through the long cold winter?

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