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Restraunt Ordering
A table for one/two, please.
May I see the menu, please?
Do you have a vegetarian menu?
What is the special of the day?
Drinks, Beverages  
A coffee, please.
A tea, please.
A cold pop, please.

A beer, please.

A bottled beer, please.

A large cold glass of water, please.

A beer and wine menu, please.

Please bring...
a fork.
a knife.
a knife and fork.
a spoon.
a glass.
an extra plate.
the bill.


Thank you, the service and food was excellent.

Do you still serve breakfast?

What time do you close?

What time in the morning do you open?

Please bring a baby seat. (high chair)

Please direct me to the washrooms.

Cook the steak (meat)...  
rare, please.
medium rare, please.
well done, please.


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