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Ordering a taxi!

Please phone me a taxi!

A taxi to this address please.

Is there a direct taxi phone here?
Is there much wait time?
Where can I catch a taxi?
Do you have the phone number for the taxi?
A taxi, please?
Taxi Driver!

...The above recited!

Taxi driver, please take me to the...
Train Station.
What is the fare cost to go to the...
Bus Station.

Ferries (name.)

Hotel (name.)
city center.
Police Station.
city hospital.
movie theatre.
How much is the fare?

Do I pay extra for luggage?


Please give me a $100 tour of the city.
Stop here, please!
Stop at the corner, please!
One more block, please!
Continue on this street, please!
Turn right at the next corner, please!
Turn left at the next corner, please.
Drive slower, please!
What is your taxi driver number?
Keep the change!

...The above recited!

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