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wolf (wolf){noun}

A wolf is a meat eating animal roaming the forests and mountains.

Wolves like to hunt in a pack, chasing down and feeding upon wild animals and livestock.

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Wolves are meat eaters (carnivorous) and feed on elk.

Hunters and poachers are killing wolves off, hunters for the pelt and head trophy, the poacher for the money that can be made from selling the pelt.
Ranchers and farmers also kill the wolves because they are feeding on their life-stock (farm animals.)
The loss of the wolves has had a profound effect on the environment. Because they feed on elk there are now 10 more times elk today than 100 years ago.
Elk feed on vegetation and plantation (herbivorous), and the now large herds are stripping (eating) the vegetation; bushes, trees and grass from the land.
With the loss of trees, beavers cannot build their dams. And with the loss of beaver ponds, ducks and geese are unable to build their nests.
The loss of one animal in the food chain effects the survival of other species and the environment.
Wolves are ecologically important in conserving a wide-range of species and our natural habitat.

Quiz: pertaining to the above article.

1. What do you call a meat eating animal?___________________________________

2. Why do hunters kill wolves?____________________________________________

3. Why do poachers kill wolves?___________________________________________

4. Why do farmers and ranchers kill wolves.________________________________

5. What do elk eat?_______________________

6. Animals that eat vegetation and plantation are called?__________________________

7. Why can the birds not survive?___________________________________________

8. Why can't a beaver build a dam?_______________________________________

9. What animal is most effected by the loss of insects?______________________________

10. Why are wolves ecologically important?__________________________________