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I would like to book a room in advance, please.

A room for one night please?

A room over-looking the ocean please?

The most inexpensive room you have please?
A room with two beds please.
Could we have a room with a...
bathroom, TV, shower, telephone, window, view...
Does the room come with its own bathroom?
Does the room come with a complimentary breakfast?

Do you have any rooms available?

I do not understand; please repeat slower!

Could we see the room first, please?

Is there secured parking?

Could you have someone carry my luggage to my room, please?

Is there a laundry room?

Is there an exercise room/swimming pool?

A room with a kitchenette, please.


Room service, please!

Could you send up to our room towels?

ice, fresh water, the manger...  

Could you send up the porter/ maid, please?

Do you have a safe where I can keep my valuables.

Paper Work
date of birth:
place of birth:
sex (female/male):
passport #:
drivers licence #:

The above recited!

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