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Excuse me, do you speak English?

Excuse me, does anyone here speak English?

Hello, I'm a tourist. Would you be able to assist me with directions.
Could you please direct me to the nearest bus station?
On this map, could you please show me where the bus station is?
Hello, I'm a tourist and I'm lost.
Would you be able to assist me with directions.

Where are you going?
May I go with you?

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

Repeat please.
Repeat more slowly please.

Yes, I understand.




The city is located north of here.


The bus station is just two blocks south of here.


The ocean is 5 miles east of here.


How many miles west do I need to travel?


I need to go one block and then turn left.


At the end of this street do I turn right or left?


The restraunt is located on the top floor of this building.


The bike rental shop is located at the bottom of this hill.


I need to go to the upper floor.


I need to go to the lower floor.


Could you please direct me to the nearest...

washrooms, exit, entrance, elevator, train station,
bus stop, police station, hospital...

How far is the next...

How long before we reach the next...

stop, village, town, city...

Indicate on this map, where I am now.

Which way is it to the...


Where does this highway lead to?

road Where does this road lead to?
path Where does this path lead to?
street Where does this street lead to?
alley Where does this alley lead to?

Does this street lead to the beach?

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